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How do I make a row tweetable?

I'd like a visitor to be able to tweet a shareable "card" of a row entry from my jargon file, it should look like a dictionary entry and not like a table. Any suggestions on how to format the card and make it shareable?

1 Answer


bensomething Points2440

Do you mean when someone takes the link of the page and shares it, or something more automatic from the page itself? When sharing a Notion page it will prioritise the cover image as the image for the card, or the first image in the page content if no cover is present (as long as it's not too far down the page, it won't register if it's 15+ blocks down or so, from memory). Description-wise, it'll take the first text-based block and use that. I've started adding callouts at the top of pages I plan to share.

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