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I have some databases with a lot of information, over 10,000 records. The problem comes when I have to edit a record in a row after 100, because you have to scroll, wait to load, scroll, wait to load, scroll, wait to load and so on.

It is a nightmare and maybe I am missing something to go directly to row 9000 for example. Like Excel, you open a file and you can scroll to any number instantly.

Is this possible or I have to spend 20 minutes scrolling to edit a single row each time?

2 Answers


SamanthaPS Points620

The only suggestion I'd have at the moment is to create some kind of filter views to create smaller chunks of data. Until they increase the load limit, that may be your best bet.


nosy commented

Thank you for your suggestion.


Bratsche Points160

Pretty good solution I found is to set an alphabetical filter "starts with" on some main title property. Starts with "e" immediately jumps to those entries. It is easy and fast to change the letter in the filter.


nosy commented

Thank you for sharing that.

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