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How to type in 2 databases at a time?

I am writing notes as well as copying questions and putting them in the so-called Spaced repetition database.
How can I write notes in the toggle below and simultaneously appear in the questions one by one in a spaced repetition database?

My Template


polle commented

Your template is not public. Please activate the sharing to have a look.



mudassirs46 commented

Please check now


opratrmusic commented

I thin polle is correct, the only sync function is the new synced block function. I guess this is something that can be asked for from the notion team in the future.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

It loads now.

Not possible to write something in a Notion block outside a table and populate that table with the written text.

The only similar way is to use 2 tables and relate them, but as an external Notion toggle to fill info in the table, you can't.

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