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Can a text property in a database be formatted as a link?

Is it possible to format a text property in a database as a link? I currently have columns for the name of an event and a link to the URL where the information is. I would like to format the text column to display the text but with a hyperlink to the URL. Is this possible?

1 Answer


polle Points79460

You can paste directly the Urls into the text.

1- Copy URL
2- Select text
3- Paste

That way the URL will be pasted into the text and will work as you need.


justmeinbigd commented

Thanks for the answer, but in that case, the text is simply replaced by the URL. I would like a hyperlink where text reads one thing but has a clickable link to a website (which might have a different name than the text.)


polle commented

I understand. Follow the steps I shared above and you will have hyperlinks as you need.


justmeinbigd commented

Thanks for reiterating. This DOES work if you use copy and paste from the browser drop down but not if you use Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v, which is how I've always done copy and paste. Glad I didn't give up after I tried it the first time. This is going to be a HUGE benefit to me - thank you so much!!


polle commented

Glad to help :)

Maybe is the source you are copying from or maybe an extension or app you have, because it also works fine using macOS or Windows natural commands.

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