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I have a database with a lot of categories, sub-categories and items; that one in the screenshot attached. The goal of this database is to monitor the progress of our tasks here.

In this database I have a column called "Progresso atual" (actual progress) already filled, the fourth in the screenshot.
As you can see, we have the primary category, "Acquisiton Franchise" for example; a few sub-categories, "Franquias Wanna BE" for example; and a lot of other items inside sub-categories. Now we only have the progress about the items.

In the third column I want to calculate the progress of the categories and sub-categories.
For example: I want a progress bar on first sub-item who calculate the average of progress only on items inside this sub-category.
After calculating all the sub-categories, I want to do the same calc but now with categories, using the result of sub-categories as base.

It's possible? How?


1 Answer


polle Points79930

Notion formulas work by column, not by row, so it is not possible.

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