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How to implement Lookup function in Notion?

I am a beginner in Notion. Currently, working in Airtable. Want to do the Lookup function in Notion, but seems like it is not here. Is anyone able to help how we can achieve that?


polle commented

It will be easier to help you if you describe what you are trying to do.

How many databases you have, what's the content, what are you trying to "lookup" for, why, what the result should be, etc...


SamanthaPS commented

There are a number of ways to accomplish this but also agree that more information is needed to be able to assist.

1 Answer


Lizat Points1080

In case you want something simple here is one possibility:

  • create a db table called 'cars'
  • create a db table called 'car colours', this has three entries: red, green, blue
  • add a field to the cars db of type relationship and choose the 'car colours' table

You can now populate the cars table and choose from red, green or blue.

Worth knowing: You can limit the number of

  • choices to 1 page or multi
  • You can add new colours (or lock the lookup table) when in the cars db

Good Luck!

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