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How to merge information from two tables by the creation date?

I have two tables (on different pages)
The first auto-creates a row each day, and looks like:


| Name | Created date | integer A |

| 1/1/2001| 1/1/2001 | 5 |

The second table is also autogenerated, and looks similar to the following (although with two autogenerated rows per day


| Name | Created date | integer B |

| type_1 | 1/1/2001 | 7 |

| type_2 | 1/1/2001 | 8 |

I want the a way to get the following:


| Name | Created date | integer A | value C |

| 1/1/2001| 1/1/2001 | 5 | (7+8)/2 |

A new row on Table#1 with the average of the values of B with the same creation time as the row on Table#2

Any ideas how to do so? I didn't manage using rollups and etc (and tried bing chat as well, just to make sure)

(In reality the first table is a habit tracker, and the second table is exercise with weights, reps and completion rate for each)

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Similar to your other question, you will need an external tool like Make or Zapier and create your own automation based on your needs.

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