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How do I correct the view of the board

I need help with organizing board view for my team. For some reason some task boards look just fine, aligned by the left side of Notion app. But others are like "shift right" boards, leaving a huge blank space on the left side. All board are located in the same space

My team members are annoyed, cause it mean they need to scroll right to see all the board properties. I tried to google for the solution, but can't find anything in particular, though I think there is a very simple one that I just miss.

Board view not shifted

Shifted board view

1 Answer


polle Points79460

I believe that this is just the full width option in your Notion pages.

Go to the three dots at the top right and enable full width for the page.


Nata commented

You're the magician! Thank you so much!!!


polle commented

Glad to help! Please select the answer to mark the question as solved. :)

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