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I have created a Notion calendar of events. Within each event’s page, I have created a template that includes an RSVP board.

I want that board (in the template) to be automatically duplicated for each new event, essentially creating a new database for every new event.

That way, when I make a change on the board under Event A, the same change does not automatically occur under Event B and the RSVP table can be specific to that event.

Is it possible with Notion? If not, is there a workaround?

The board uses a relation to a list of all the members of my club. Thanks for your help!

1 Answer


polle Points78510

You need 2 Notion Databases.

1- Events

Then you have to relate the two databases.

Once you have that basic relation, create a template in the Events database that includes a linked view of the RSVP database and add a filter that includes the template name itself.

That is called a self reference filter in Notion. The result is exactly what you need, you will only see RSVP items associated to each event and everything with only one main RSVP database, not multiple ones.

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