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How to pull specific items out of a linked database

I have worked with SQL databases in the past but am having trouble wrapping my head around how to work with databases in Notion.

One of my hobbies is colouring so I have a table (database?) that lists my different sets of pencil crayons. I want each item (set) to link to another table that lists the info for each pencil in that set (number, colour name, etc.)

When I create a page for a picture that I am colouring I would like to display a table of the colours that I used on that picture pulled from the pencils table(s). I may use pencils from several different sets (brands).

I can't seem to figure out how to pull specific items (records) from one or multiple databases and display them in a single table.

1 Answer


SamanthaPS Points620

It sounds like the relation and roll up features may be what you're looking for as best as I can tell. I apologize if I'm misunderstanding.

Check out this video to see if it will help:

My other suggestion would be to merge the databases of your pencils into one large database that has more properties added so you can create filtered, linked views of that one database. One of the properties could be a tag of the page that you create for the picture you're coloring. Then on that page for the picture you're coloring, put a linked view to that database and filter it out by that property saying contains "(insert name of picture here)".


SchmidtHappens commented

Thank you. Yes, the relation and roll up features look like what I need. I will have to play around with that but that is the functionality that I was looking for. I had thought of tags but a single colouring book could have 20, 30, or more pictures so the tagging could get out of hand very quickly.

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