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Print out linked data

hi there,

i have a company-database and an employee-database.
at the employee-database a linked field shows to which company the employee belongs to.

but if i print the employee record the corresponding company is not printed out. neither in HTML nor in PDF.

why is that and how to solve the problem?

any suggestions?

1 Answer


polle Points81400

Use the browser options for printing and exporting to PDF instead of the Notion ones.

Printing using the browser you will get exactly what you see on your screen.


DoctorE commented

ok. true. thank you.

problem is that you exactly get what you see on the one hand (including "+" and "comments"), on the other hand a picture element ist not printed to pdf :(


polle commented

Printing to PDF will always print what you see and yes, that includes all the elements in the page.

For the image, try resizing the block, that may be the problem.

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