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Organising templates

I may have misunderstood about this but....

I have several 'templates' i.e. pages that I want to use as the basis for new pages.
I created my basic page structure and saved the page.
It seems that I can create a template button but to get the content related to the button I have to drag the page into the button config. This means my template page is now a 'child' of the page with the button on it. However, one doesn't see it as a sub-page. I can find it if I search and it does show as a 'child' of the page with the button in the breadcrumb.

This is very inconvenient, I would like all my templates in one place and then referred to on the template button so I can easily find and edit them in one area and not have to find the page with the button. One partial solution may be to create the buttons as sync blocks and they all live in my components library, it doesn't solve the problem really but would make things marginally easier.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Lizat commented

So I think buttons cannot be sync'd as the two things are 'block types'.

So my workaround so far is to have a space for my template pages and I then duplicate the page I want on a button and drag that into the button. This way I know the originals are, and if it want to change I do it there make a new duplicate(s) and then replace wherever it is used.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Give Notion some time to index the content, if you click create and go to search instantly, it may be the problem. After a few minutes everything is indexed and your content will appear in the search results.


Lizat commented

Yes you can search... but need to know the name which is not always easy in a big site.

So, one solution would be that either every every page (or block) used on a template button has an identifier in the text that allows one to find them all, and on using eth template this is removed. It's a bit clumsy, so I think I am going to use the solution I proposed earlier.

Thanks polle


polle commented

My mistake, I read I can't find them, now I see you can.

There is no way to have a database templates database or having them outside where you are using them. They are by database and inside each database.

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