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Teamspace templates


I run a design agency and started to use notion – I would love to hear your advice on how I best structure my workflow with notion. I’ve tried a few things but ran into some issues.

Our structure looks like this: As an agency, we have many clients. For each client, we have multiple collections. Each collection has a number of tasks in them, with subtasks (ie. Task: Contract, Subtasks: First draft, Review, Finalize). Those tasks are very repetitive across collections/clients, so it would be great to have all that templated.

What I’ve tried so far: I first had everything in one Teamspace (with the Projects & Tasks template), but then found that it didn’t give me enough ‘levels’ or organization to properly map out & visualize the Client/Collection/Tasks/Subtasks structure.

I then created a new Teamspace for each client which works really well (Teamspace = Client, Project = Collection, Task = Task). However, my issue is that when I create templates in a Teamspace (ie. a Project called “New Collection”, which has all the repetitive tasks & subtasks already in it), I can’t seem to use those templates with my clients (teamspaces). I can duplicate a project and then move it to another teamspace, but it doesn’t copy over any of the tasks within it.

I’ve searched & read the wikis and tried everything - is there a way to fix this? Or would you have any suggestions on how to better organize my set-up?

Thanks a million!!!

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

is there any reason why you're using Teamspace to separate Clients?

Teamspace is usually used for big teams to separate departments (i.e. HR can only access HR teamspace and can't see Sales teamspace)

For Hierarchical structure, I would recommend using database. For example:

  1. Client Database
  2. Collection Database
  3. Task Database

use relation & rollup to link all of them and then you can use template to have the same layout everytime you can create a new Client/ Collection etc...


stackedstudio commented

Thank you for that - it did seem off when I was setting up a new teamspace for each client, good to hear there's a more logical way.

I haven't looked into databases yet, but will start doing that now! Will these 3 databases that I'll create belong to a teamspace, or do they exist outside of teamspaces?

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