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Update values in same properties on different databases

Stuck with updating values in same properties on different databases.

Kindly check this link for the details

I have 4 pages to track my Job Hunting process and my job list page has a database with some properties.

I want to use my Inbox page to enter data into all these above-mentioned databases in the respective pages but not display all the previously entered rows/data on the Inbox page.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You need to relate all the Notion databases and then Rollup from Inbox the information you want to show in the other databases.

With this you will enter in inbox your info and the other databases will show up that information using Rollups.

For hiding things in inbox you can create a simple filter to show only incomplete rows so if any property is empty it will be present in inbox and as soon as all are complete, the items will not be visible in that view.

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