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Search not showing all results

When I use the quick search tool, I only get a few results from all the actual results in my content. Why is this happening? How can I view the rest of the results from my search?

The search box shows the total number of the results in the bottom left but only a few are shown?

1 Answer


polle Points79460

That is how Notion search works.

You have the complete number of results at the bottom as you said and then the options you have. Select, Open or Open in new window to see the selection in the list of results.

Notion will not show you 600 results in the search window, just a few of them, so everything is ok.

Just select open when the recent results show what you are looking for and done.


spulapkura commented

Hi polle, thanks for answering.

When I try to Open or Open in new window, it only opens the result that my mouse is on.

I still am unable to browse to the rest of the results that are not shown in the search window.

Please see image in the link. I can't browse to the 4 results shown in the bottom left. I tried the up down arrow keys to select, and the open and open in new window but those only open the first result shown.

See example search results box


polle commented

I did not mention it before, sorry. To see everything and not opening selections, you have to scroll.

It loads more results on every scroll and also you can use the filters to refine the search, so to see the complete results, just scroll.

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