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Formula help for calculating minutes and seconds total

I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not good at formulas at all. I am making a song playlist database where I need the information of how long a song lasts. Thankfully, someone has already helped me with part of it but now it's more complicated. Essentially, I have 3 databases. One of them has the song information, including how long they last. This is more or less how it looks like:

I have another template, in which they take info from the first database, but it is the next step, and has a status property (not started, in progress, not done) which let's say, the first database is the playlist itself and the second database it to say whether I have analyzed the song or not, so 2 different things. However, there is a third database that looks like this (which is the one I need help with):

I want to calculate the playlist total, like the duration of all the songs combined, so it can calculate just how much in total each song lasts (like counting the 3m 13s, 4m 12s, and then joining it all together to say 7m 25s, for example, in the duration formula, but I need a formula to be able to do that). As you can see, the "Songs" properties is where I'm connecting the first database, where I have the information on how long each song lasts, and i want this property to join them together and how just how long it is in total, and since I anticipate it will reach the "hour" or be longer than 60 minutes in total, I need to count the hours as well and tell me. I also want the "Not done duration" to be adapted for this as well.

Then, the "Not Done Duration" would be where it calculates all the songs and calculates just how many minutes I haven't completed from the second database. I need 2 formulas in total, basically taking the info from Duration and subtract from the second database in which songs are not "Done". Can anyone help with that? I know that must be complicated.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

I am not understanding your setup, but at the end of each column you have calculate, just select the needed there to see the total for the complete rows in each column.

That info can also be called using a relation and rollup to other databases and use it as needed.

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