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Can I add dates to the title display of meeting pages?

I recently joined a team that has been using Notion for years and loves it. I'm finding my way and hoping to make things work for me without breaking them for everyone else.

One thing that we do is use notion pages for almost every meeting. So every Friday we create a Notion Page called "All Hands" for the All Hands meeting. If you want to look for an all hands from a specific date, you can't just search for "All Hands" because the dates don't appear in the search results. So it's just a long list of pages in the "Meetings and Events" database called "All Hands". I can limit the list by date, but it still doesn't show me the dates on the results themselves.

I can visit the calendar, obviously, but that takes a few steps.

In some cases, I'm also finding that we need to be able to look back at past instances of this meeting. So I add a backlink with [[All... -- again the list that comes up is just everything titled "All Hands", and then I have to manually add the date after that (eg. [[All Hands]] Jan 13)

It looks like there's not a way to incorporate a specific property into the page title (as discussed at but wondering if there are any other interesting solutions that would show a custom field (in this case it's called "When") to the title that is displayed when you link to or search for a page.

3 Answers


polle Points79930

You can now use @Today in Notion templates for the title. That will generate a new Meeting with the date in the title when clicked, exactly as you need.


amandabee commented

I was initially confused by this but it works really nicely, so I wanted to say more about it:

I added @today to a template. And meetings created with that template appear in my search as, say "Amanda <> Kiera @today" on the day they are created. The following day they appear as "Amanda <> Kiera @yesterday" and eventually they degrade to "Amanda <> Kiera @June 1, 2023"

You can correct the date, or set dates in the future. So if Kiera is setting up the agenda for our one-on-one a day in advance she can use "@tomorrow" and it will still track the date.


polle commented

Great it worked for you. If you consider my answer the solution, please select it to mark the question as solved.


JessJVW Points230

Hi amandabee,

The Name page property is definitely pretty locked down within Notion and there is no way to search for "When" or created date when backlinking.

The only way to get around this is updating your Name properties for the All Hands meetings with the date: "01/12/2023 - All Hands Meeting"

To do this, you'll need to have all the pages within a database. Then you can create a recurring template that is automatically created every Friday for your meetings titled "<01/01/2000> - All Hands Meeting". Here's a link that further explains how to do this: Notion User Manual - automate work using repeating database templates

I hope this helps!


If you know the date when searching for the "All Hands" meeting notes, you can filter your search queries by that date.

Ctrl+P > type "All Hands" > right below the search bar, click the date filter, choose either "last edited" or "created" and pick your date.

Hope this helps

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