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I'm trying to automate the title of each page from now on without having to manually type the same information twice. I want the title of the page to be the exact same as the "brand" property. The property "brand" is a 'select' type. What formula can do this for me?

EDIT: I forgot to add that I would want to select the "brand" if it exists and then have that be the title, however, if the brand does not exist, I would have to manually type it in as the page title and then have that create a new selection name. Does that make sense?

2 Answers


polle Points79460

You can't add formulas in the title property, you will have to think of a different structure to make the Notion page work as you need.

Not sure why you need something like this and duplicate content, but you can try Zapier or Make to automate it.

Keep in mind that the page should exist before you can select something in it, like the brand, so the page has to have a blank title or something temporary to then select brand and then perform an action to replace the title.


Lizat Points1080

You could also use a spreadsheet, I haven't sued in anger yet but looks pretty good - Notion2Sheets.

Good Luck


doctorbug commented

EDIT: Figured it out! :)

Do you know how I would be able to do that with Notion2Sheets? I installed it but can't seem to figure it out.

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