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For a smoother way to develop content pages in my current project, it is essential to show the value of a property inside page content.

I have a database listing thousands of restaurants. When I create the page content for each one of them, I need to show some of the page's property values:

  • Brief description
  • Address
  • URL
  • Phone number

All this information is already in page´s property values. And now I have to copy and paste them manually in order to show this full info at the page content, being too inefficient.

The ideal scenario would be that the value is automatically updated at the page content any time I edit an item at the database.

Any idea to prevent this bottleneck in my project?


1 Answer


polle Points79930

You will not be able to show the information in a simple block, because it is not possible, but you can use a linked view of the database with another layout, for example a Notion Gallery view displaying the exact information you need.

This way you can have that information ready and if you use self reference filters with a template, everything will work automatically.


Samu commented

Thanks! It should work

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