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How to show properties on a Board Card conditionally

I have a board, linked to a database, containing tasks. Columns represent the task's status.

Some of the cards/items (not sure of correct Notion terminology) are decisions rather than tasks. I have created a checkbox property which is set to true for decisions and unchecked for tasks. It is easy to show the decision property on the card, but this uses screen space and 90% of the items are tasks and so is wasted space.

Is there a way to only show the 'decision' property when it is checked?

Another way to ask this question might be: how can cards show a 'decision' property for only the items that are marked as 'decision'?

hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance!

1 Answer


polle Points79460

Create a new view for Checked and create a filter where decision is checked.

That will do exactly what you need. You will have a view for tasks and a view for decisions that you can view with 1 click in the desired tab.

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