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how to populate a dropdown based on a dynamic column

I have a database of cigars in my humidor. It is very cool.

My vision is that as I smoke a cigar I'd like to journal my thoughts about that particular cigar I am smoking. In my head I would have another view or 2nd database, (I don't which), where I can just pick the cigar that I am smoking and that dropdown list would be dynamically populated and solely based on cigars I currently own. How do I go about implementing such an idea?

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

I don't quite get why you need a 2nd database.

The way I would structure it is to have 1 single database.

  1. Cigar Name
  2. Status - Smoking, Collection, Etc...
  3. Write your review/ thought on the page

If you want it to be prettier, you can use gallery mode and add the image of the cigar so you get a gallery view of cigars.

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