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Can I do something like that?

I need a board with project cards.
Inside each project will be a todo list.
The card should automatically calculate the number of tasks within the project page and the number of completed tasks, in order to calculate the progress of the project.



vanlinh136 commented

Use Notion as a database program with relation and roll up, don't use it as a note taking program and require it to satisfy functions of a spreadsheet program.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

Yes, you can.

Create a projects database, a task database, relate them, rollup the percentage of completed tasks in to projects and display them as gallery. Done.

You are asking how to create a complete system instead of solving one thing and it is imposible to describe everything. Remember to ask how to add a brick, not how to build a complete house as that is not possible to explain and solve.

So to answer your question, yes, you can do it exactly as you need with Notion.


player1ykt commented

Yes i can, but not in the way I showed in the attached picture. My question was whether I can count all there tasks (exactly notion to-dos, without using a table) and completed tasks without using the database. So your answer is not quite correct.


polle commented

Using simple to dos is not possible, you need to use Notion databases for this as I mentioned above.

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