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I have some databases for events that have different dates, for example planning day and event day.

I need to show that same event in two different dates in a calendar view, so I created one database for event name, one database for planning and one database for event day.

The three databases are related, so I can pick planning and day for each event name.

If I create a calendar view a new empty date property is created, but what I am trying to do is to display both dates separately, which is not working.

Maybe using Notion formulas for each related date will work, but when I try to convert them I get a property Type mismatch is not a date.

If I have pick a related date "Oct 6, 2022" from the other database, how can I convert it to a real date using a formula?

1 Answer


adam Points1460

I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but this might be it?

The trick is setting the Rollup property to Earliest date, Latest date, or Date range to bring the value into the related database in date format. Then, you can simply display the rollup's value in a formula and it'll show as a date.

If this isn't the answer, can you share your page and highlight what you're trying to get to work?


nosy commented


Using your example, I want the event "Formatting" to appear in the calendar but in both dates, Nov 1 and Nov 16.

Formatting planning: Nov 1
Formatting event: Nov 16

So in my table I assign both dates and in the calendar I see both separately.

That is what I am trying to figure out with Notion.

Thank you.


adam commented

There's no way in Notion to show the same card on two different dates. HOWEVER, with a little magic, prayer, and tricky business, we can create a fairly simple workaround where two records are created that stay in sync (mostly).

Basically, you create the event, use synced blocks for the content in the event's body, duplicate the event, and add a new date.

You can see it working in the same link (repeated below for easy access). I created a template, set as default for new entries, which gives step by step instructions. Give it a shot and let me know if this worked!

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