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Is it possible to record date on status change without date resetting when I change status? I am utilizing a board view for a kanban board and I basically want to have a date to be recorded at every stage.

Currently using a formula like this:

if(prop("Status") == "Done", formatDate(now(), "dddd, MMMM Do"), "")

But resetting of dates on status changes occurs.

Example, if I wanted to calculate the duration of task, I want to have the date I start working on a task (moving a task to the in progress column), and the date I move a task to the "done" column.

I need the dates to stay and not reset when I move the board view block into another column. This is because I want to utilize the "dateBetween()" function to calculate the duration of the task by utilizing the "in progress" and "done" dates.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Notion formulas can not write dates like that using status, you will need an external tool like Make or Zapier and create an automation based on those actions.


otibmit commented

Ok thank you for the response. Hopefully this becomes part of Notion in the near future.

I tried utilizing date created and date changed functions to do something similar to what I was attempting. While not exactly what I wanted, it will do for now. Doing it this was at least lets me utilize the date between function.


polle commented

That is right, unless you use external tools, it is a good approach. Hopefully we have some more Notion options for this in the future.

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