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If Formula Question with Dates


I manage to make a formula so only the date with the selected status is appearing in the calendar.

Unfortunately if I add no status it will show the now() date and most of the items don't have a status and I would like to keep it empty. At the same time it would be great if it woudn't appear on the calendar.

Please have a look at the printscreen:

The Formula I used:

if(prop("Status") == "Plan", prop("Plan"), if(prop("Status") == "Shooting", prop("Shooting"), if(prop("Status") == "Editing", prop("Editing"), now())))

Thank you so much for the help

2 Answers


polle Points79930

Here is a quick fix using your code as it is.

1- Create a new column duplicating Plan, Shooting or Editing.
2- Rename it to "Nothing".
3- Right click and hide that column.
4- Add an extra line to your formula:

if(prop("Status") == "", prop("Nothing")

5- In the calendar view add a Filter "Where > Status - Is not empty"

I believe that is exactly what you are looking for.

Hope it helps.


EevaLeena commented

awesome! thank you so much!


polle commented

You're welcome. If this solved your problem, please select the answer to mark it as solved.



bensomething Points2440

You can return a blank date by using fromTimestamp(toNumber("")), so the following should work for your formula.

if(prop("Status") == "Plan", prop("Plan"), if(prop("Status") == "Shooting", prop("Shooting"), if(prop("Status") == "Editing", prop("Editing"), fromTimestamp(toNumber("")))))


nosy commented

Thanks, I'll try this as well.

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