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in text refer to a database field

Hello all,

I have a table where I am calculating a value with a rollup.
I would like to write a text where I use this result. is it possible in Notion ?



polle commented

Please extend a bit the information to understand the complete setup and what are you trying to accomplish.

How are you calculating it? In another column with a formula? What formula? What text you want to add? Etc...


alexh commented


I have a first table call CA with 4 properties. Name, Start Date, sum, relation
relation is the list of related items in a second table.
sum is a rollup based on the relation, with a number property and the formula sum.

in another page I have 3 blocks text.

in this text I would like to have the value of sum in CA where name="CA A1"

in this one the I would like to have the value of sum in CA where name="CA A2"

here the sum for the max start date (start date)


polle commented

I was going to create a Notion page test to share and help you, but before that I will confirm to see if I am understanding correctly.

*If you can duplicate to share your page and just leave the example, that would help.

You have this:

| Name | Start Date | Sum | Relation |
| A1   | April 4    | 15  | Rel 1    |
| A2   | April 5    | 18  | Rel 2    |
| A3   | April 6    | 22  | Rel 3    |

And you need another table to show this:

| Block 1   | Block 2   |
|---------  |---------  |
| CA A1     | 15        |
| CA A2     | 18        |
| CA A3     | 22        |

Is that correct?
The custom text you need is CA A1?
Also, table 1 already shows that sum you want in the sum column.

What am I missing?


alexh commented

I am not familiar with sharing so I hope this is ok


polle commented

Thanks, almost. Just go to that page top right corner, click share and activate it.


alexh commented

I thought it was ok :(
is it ok now ?


polle commented

Yes! Leave it there please, I'll take a look at it and help you asap.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

For CA A* Sums.

1- Create a Linked database (/linked) and select the CA Table.
2- + Add a view > List View
3- Filter: Where > Name > Contains > CA A1
4- ••• > Properties: Just Sum active

Repeat for CA A2 and just modify step 3 with the correct name.

What I don't understand is "the sum for the max start date (start date)".

Hope that helps.


alexh commented

I thought about this solution but if I want to "insert" X number of values in my text I will need to create X views.
Before I used Coda and it is super easy because you can insert a formula anywhere this can be big calculation or just value in tables.
I hoped we can do the same with notion.


polle commented

Maybe there is a way.

Insert what number of values?
Insert it where exactly?

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