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Best way to track an action item?

Is there a best practice for creating and tracking an action item in Notion? For comparison, I did this in Google Docs all the time: you can add a "comment" to a highlighted bit of text, and the comment mechanism has a checkbox for "assign to...". Google Docs will then email the referenced parties, and surface the comment as an "action item" in its dashboard.

Any chance there's an equivalent mechanism in Notion? I use comments, but there's no clear way to flag a comment as an "Action item". Additionally, even though I have email notifications enabled, Notion does not email me for a comment that I make. As a result, if I "self-assign" an AI via Notion comment, I do not get an email reminding me to do it.

Any suggestions?

2 Answers


LamboNr5 Points910

Hi, to do so you'll need an automation program like Zapier or Integromat. You could built something like the following: The trigger for sending an E-Mail is "Someone gets mentioned in a comment". But you want to label it as an action item. So you put a filter in it that looks for a specific code. For example it just sends an E-Mail if there is the string "action item" in the comment. Should be something you dont't type in by accident lol.

If you need further information in building that contact me here


LamboNr5 commented

This is an example of me building another solution with Zapier. Everytime I put a document in a specific Dropbox file, it automatically transfers DP-Link and Name of the document inside a specific database in Notion.


mrstevegross Points190

Thanks! Interesting idea. As it turns out, there's an existing Notion/Linear integration solution. (Linear is our task-tracking system). Hopefully that works, and I will not have to write a custom integration. Thanks!

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