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Extracting data from a Notion Database?


I am new on this forum, and hope that in the future I will be able to contribute.

I have a database with one column hosting some texts, per topic.
row 1 | topic A | text xxx
row 2 | topic B | text yyy
row 3 | topic A | text zzz

I want to automate the extraction of the texts of "topic A" outside the database in a plain page.
This would generate an aggregated big text of each individual text.

text xxx
text zzz

=> Do you know how I could do this?

Thanks in advance

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

Hi, there's currently no method of extracting data from database into text.

Although I'll be curious to know your use case for this as you can probably achieve something similar using linked database and filter

It'll be helpful if you let me know what you're hoping to achieve then I can help further.

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