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How to apply a filter to every view on a database ?

Hi everyone,

My use case is the following :

  • I have a database for Projects & Tasks (a single database that make the differences between project, sub-project & task by a "level" field)
  • I have multiple views : Project / Sub-Projects / Tasks, each of these view have relevant filter to only show good entries
  • The database is locked on theses filters

Now suppose I want to see my personal projects, sub-projects and tasks, I need to go in each view and set the filter "assign" to ME (three time). I found it very frustrating and so I'm looking for a way to just set the assign filter to Me (regardless on which view I am), and automatically broadcast this filter to others view in the database (only for me, the database is still locked in every case).

Is someone know the tricks ?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

All Notion views are independent, so you have to apply filters to each one of the views.

Once applied everything will work and to speed things up you can setup the first one and then just duplicate the view with the filters you need.

So basically don't go and change the filters in the other created views, create a new view for you and that's it.


LaGregance commented

Thanks for help, but as manager I may be able to filter by any person in the company to have a quick access of their tasks & projects, or also filter by specific project to see any sub-project & tasks. I definitely cannot create a different view for all of theses filter when I just want to temporarily apply a filter to every view...


polle commented

Exactly, as a manager you have to create all the needed views to have quick access to anything you need to see, that is how things work.

You will end up with 10 different views to jump between them and see anything you need instantly.

One of the views can be a temporary view, where you can adjust filters on the fly.

There is no other option, this is how Notion works.

Otherwise, if you don't set the filters and you don't set the views, then how it is supposed to work?

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