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How you win export/import date property

we tried in the basic template of the three tasks to export records. In csv then imported from csv in the append format. and in the new records there was no data on dates and data on projects

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You need to use the proper and compatible date format to work correctly.

As an example if you have a google sheets document with dates, simply select the dates and paste them in Notion to see the result, because if the format is incorrect, nothing will be pasted.

Once you have the correct formats for everything the Notion import should work just fine.


Uncle_khmel commented

thank you
You are right in general. Wait for me and it doesn’t work, from the basic set of templates in the task table, export three starting entries to your disk and try to write them down with new tasks. There were three with dates will become six but three without dates. And this is the problem. It won't take more than a couple of minutes.


polle commented

You can't export the 3 starting entries of a database, Notion exports the complete thing, so maybe you are trying something else?

Also, if there is no content in the database, Notion export fails, so confirm you actually have information in the database you want to export.


Uncle_khmel commented

Thank you

In my example, three are all entries from the starting task set if you add to the space of a page with task tables - projects.

And just try exporting them first. Then add from the saved file.

You will lose some properties such as time and project references.

The problem is incorrect data processing

We don't even get to Google tables


Maybe everything is correct there

The second part is the download

But we load csv - in which 2023-01-01 10:06:06

And this one is not recognized as daytime

This is defined as a string

Then you can't group data by month, quarterly

And the creation of fields using formulas is also in question

Or you need to order the development of api

Is a calculation of the value by the formula of the date property from the values of two adjacent text fields containing year + Day + month

To illustrate, I will make an example and publish the details in the public domain so that I can continue the discussion.

Maybe I don't explain well and my English is very bad

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