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Can I show entries from multiple databases?

I am new to Notion.

Suppose I have 2 recipes databases, with the same fields. Let's say they have a field with tags for ingredients potato,fish,...

I want to display all the recipes corresponding to a tag from both databases. For example display all recipes with tag 'potato'

How do I do that?



thomas_yang commented

Hi can you help to clarify why you'll need 2 recipe databases?

The way I think about it is you'll have:

  1. Recipe database with ingredients as your select/ dropdown property.

Or another way of asking is what are you trying to achieve? or what problem are you trying to solve?


nilanjenator commented

I am still trying to work this out.
Suppose I want to save recipes from two different sources. I thought I would keep them in their own pages. For example: 1 page for Martha Stewart recipes and one for Nigella lawson recipes. Then create views to show chicken recipes from both pages.

I think I could save everything in 1 page

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You should only have 1 main recipes database and different properties for the other information needed.

Recipe 1 / Author 1 / Chicken
Recipe 2 / Author 2 / Chicken
Recipe 3 / Author 3 / Chicken

Then you can have linked views of your database with any combination you need with filters. For authors, for chicken or for any other property you add.

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