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Hi everyone. I've been using Notion for some time now on my phone. At first I logged in with a Google account on Notion. Now I want to log into the same account on the web version but it gives my the error "You are attempting to access our service from a restricted jurisdiction." I believe I used VPN while making the account so I used one of the same location to log in but the error was the same. I'm kinda confused right now since my Notion account doesn't really seems restricted and it works on the Android version app on my phone, can somebody help me out please?

2 Answers


polle Points81400

No one can help you, contact Notion support directly and see this question that it is exactly for the same and have extra information.

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farane Points180

Hello, I had the same problem.

To solve it, instead of using Google’s automated verification, I used my email and entered the code that was sent to my email.

(Before opening Notion, make sure to use shekan (just search شکن)!)

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