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combine task databases


I'd like to realise a plant manager to manage watering, fertilizing and spraying of regularly re-occurring tasks.

I plan to have a database with plants, e.g. Plant1 & Plant2. On each respective page, say Plant1, I would have a database where I create a template for a row entry and set those template tasks to re-occurring e.g. weekly (depending on the plant). I accomplished that.

What I don't accomplish is to have another database, let's call it Tasks-Dashboard, where all those re-occurring tasks for each plant are merged and populated as the re-occurring tasks appear. I don't accomplish that neither with relation nor with roll-up.

Way round - I assume - is not possible, that is to add the re-occuring task into the main Tasks-Dahsboard already, because then I' d need to create a new e.g. re-occuring watering task for every new plant which is a bit confusing.

Any thoughts if this is achievable at all?

Thank you

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