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Hi guys,

For my recruitment company, I created a recruitment funnel based on a Kanban Board view that I group by "Status" to display the different tags representing the different phase of the recruitment.

I also created a board to follow the KPI of my recruiters. But as the Kanban board is dynamic, when a candidate goes through the funnel, a candidate card adds up to one column and at the same time it gets subtracted to the other column it comes from.
In other words, one presented candidate can then move to the column "validated for an interview by us" and then not appear in the "presented candidate" section in our Kanban view.

But I still want to take into account that it has been presented (which is logic, because if he hasn't been presented, he wouldn't have been validated for an interview by us) but the goal here is, inter alia, to actually see through those numbers how many candidates were presented in total, and amongst those candidates, how many have been validated, amongst those validated, how many have been presented to our client and amongst those, how many have signed a contract ?

So it is important that the "presented candidate" section counts all the candidate cards in the other columns/tags of the property "Status" too.

Does this make sense ?

I tried the function "add" but I cannot add up more than two variables unfortunately. And my Status section counts 7 tags displayed in columns with the Kanban board view.

1 Answer


lolamertens Points200

I found a solution, now it is possible to add up multiple varibales. For some reasons, this has changed from nowhere. Here is my code now:

prop("Status") == " Qualified" or prop("Status") == "✍️ Interview by us" or prop("Status") == "‍ Presented to the client" or prop("Status") == " Offer" or prop("Status") == " Hired" or prop("Status") == " Qualified but not fitting"


polle commented

Thank you for sharing the solution!

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