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Share part of database with guests

Hi there!
I'm quite new to notion but I'm really finding my way quick. I've got a specific case where I've got some troubles with.
What I want to accomplish here is to have a customer portal (page) with all the tasks of that customer. Give them access by inviting them as a guest with "can comment" rights. I would let them to add tasks on their project list and add comments on the current items.

What I've done so far:

  • Ive got a project and a task database.
  • The project database contains all the projects of all different clients.
  • The task database contains all the tasks of all projects, but each task is relates to one project.
  • I've made a "customer portal" page for each customer
  • That page contains a table view based on the task database
  • In that table view i've added a filter to only show the tasks of 1 specific project.

So far so good!

But now:

  • When I invite someone for the customer portal page I don't see any task, I don't even see a table.
    -- I found out the database pages should be shared aswell. And there is my problem. I don't want to share the whole task database page because it also contains tasks from other customers.
  • And if I share that task the customer could also make changes in the filter an let other projects in their overview

So is there a way (without making a database for each customer) to share info from a centralized database based on some criteria (filters) without having an option to see the other items (for example trough filters or seeing the full database page)?

Hopefully my question make any sense.


nosy commented

I am not alone:

Hopefully we get a solution for this with Notion, because it seems that it is not possible.



wbdigital commented

Yes, i've read you questions. I really thought Notion was the fit for this. Unfortunately not (yet).

1 Answer


polle Points79930

This is not possible in Notion at the moment. You share the complete database and there is no way of restricting the user to see some of the items in it.

There are some tricks, like creating with filters a default empty view for the main database, where the user with "can edit" permissions for that page will see nothing.

The problem is that the user for example can search and see all the content anyway.

The only real solution for now, is to have separate tasks Notion databases for each project.


wbdigital commented

Too bad. But thanks for your answer!


ayyash commented

this answers my question really, it is not about the filter display, its about permissions of the whole db :/ I should always remember: everything in notion is a page, the trick is remove permissions from individual pages, this settles it.


aplu22 commented

@polle is this a feature that's on the roadmap or is there a feature request for it?


polle commented

@aplu22 there is no public roadmap, but this is requested a lot and for sure we will see it implemented in Notion. Time will tell.

You can also get in touch directly with Notion support and send it as feedback.

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