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I need to convert a rollup to a formula with summation

Hey guys,

So I've been working on my tables and have built up a ton of tables, some with rollups, and some without.

My issue is that I cannot rollup a rollup from another table, so I need a formula to replicate that data.

I've been looking at Thomas Frank's video on the formula masterclass 2.0, and that map function looks good, but I cannot sum up data for the relevant field.

I have prop("Total Order Value") which is a summed-up column from my "Orders" table. How do I create a formula for this? I think if I knew this method I'd avoid rollups altogether.

1 Answer


Hey, it is most likely a data type issue but hard to say what exactly is happening in your case without seeing the databases themselves.

There are a few ways to correct the data type but in order to to a sum operation you might need to do add the .format().toNumber() behind the "Orders" prop to change it to the number data type.

If this doesn't work let me know and if possible share the setup and I will help with that.


headsniper commented

I've tried it, but it doesn't work, another error comes up.

Please take a look at this link and take a look at prop("Test Total Inventory Bought Count")

The formula that came out of that Prop pretty much came from a map, but I don't know how to sum that up since it is a list property. I have to get that data from a Rollup from another table, but it does not make sense to roll up the current table. Like the prop says, I'm trying to count the number of inventory used on a commission. It needs to sync from the other databases in some sort of triangle connection.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for helping me with my tables all this time Martin. Its certainly made itself out to be an interesting project.


Martin_SystemsHill commented

Could you please share one page with all the related databases shown as in-line on the page so I can see what is happening there? It is not possible for me to figure out exactly what is happening without it.


headsniper commented

Sure I've published the other related databases, didn't notice I was missing one, thanks!

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