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Formula help adding multiple totals to a progress bar.

My current progress bar formula is:

divide(prop(“Total 1”), prop(“Target”))

Which works to give me the progress of Total 1 in comparison to the target.

But, I want to add more Totals to be divided by the target. I can’t figure out the formula to do this.

I already have the remaining totals in the database so it is just a case of knowing how to add them into the formula.

Any help would be great!


polle commented

Please add some context to understand the complete scenario.

How many columns, how it is calculated and what are you expecting as a result.


Jacko234 commented

I am looking to do a yearly progress tracker for monthly goals. Each month has 5 goals.

So I have a table which has 12 columns, each relating to a different month (Jan - Dec). I then have the total completed for each month in a column and a column for target goals per year (60).

I’m trying to make a progress bar for the whole year but only know how to do it for one month:

divide (prop(“Jan Total”), prop( “Target Goals per year”))

I would like to add my feb - dec totals to the formula, all to be divided by the target goals per year.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

A simple way to do it can be creating a new column using a Notion formula to sum all the months.

Just add all months like this:

prop("Jan Total") + prop("Feb Total") + prop("Mar Total") + Etc...

Then do the exactly the same you are already doing, but using the complete sum of the months the formula gives you.

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