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Save if an item got determinated status

i have a table with a "Status" column, and I'm attempting to create a formula for another column ("New Field") that marks "Yes" when the status is "Re-trabalho" However, I want this "Yes" value to persist even if the status changes later on.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

It is not possible with a Notion formula as you need different results.

if status = Re-trabalho, yes, otherwise, no

With that rule the formula is checking the status constantly to see if it is equal to Re-trabalho and display yes, so as soon as it changes to something else, it will display no.

You can try Notion automations if you have a paid account (the little thunder icon in the databases), where that new column marks as yes when status is changed to Re-trabalho and that is it.

That way you may be able to track the status and have a yes only in that new column when the status changes to Re-trabalho.

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