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Project Automation in Notion - I'm at My Wit's End!

Hey community!
I'm in a bit of a pickle and really need your wisdom. I've created a project team space in Notion for managing two types of projects: "Projects Type A" and "Projects Type B". Each project has a set of tasks with start and end dates tied to the project's due date. I've got all the logic with due dates and task duration working smoothly using formulas.

Here's the catch: each department has a parent tasks, and these break down into numerous subtasks, totaling over 200 individual tasks. But now, I'm trying to future-proof my setup. I want to be able to create future
"projects type A" with just a click, setting a due date and having all related tasks align with this date automatically.

I dove into the Notion subreddit looking for answers but came out empty-handed. The closest I got was creating a project template with a database view.

However, when I drag tasks from this view, it messes up the parent/subtask structure, dumps all the subtasks in the same database, and doesn't link them to the new "Project Type A".
I've been at this for a week with no progress, and I'm starting to doubt if Notion is the right tool for this. I'm considering a switch to Asana, but before I do, I wanted to reach out to you guys for one last attempt. Can someone ELI5 how to make this work in Notion?

Help me, you're my only

1 Answer


polle Points79930

The logic is correct, what you may have missing is the correct structure and filters for the projects and tasks databases.

For your projects you need a template using auto reference filters to display the tasks.

1- New Project template.
2- Inside the template a tasks view with auto relations.

This will only show tasks for the actual project, but it will also auto relate new tasks created or dragged there.

Doing that correctly will work as expected.

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