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How to manage team tasks in notion?

we are trying to set up a task management in notion. The thing is, that every member has its personal tasks and there are common tasks as well. Most solutions I found recommend having a master task-list with all tasks and manage it by filters, but that makes the rights management very difficult. Private tasks should not be visible to others!
As I understood there is no such a thing as JOINing two databases in notion. Everybody now checks two task lists to get the full picture.

This gets more difficult or even impossible if we would have several overlapping teams and each member should not see tasks of teams he is not part of...

How do you manage this?


1 Answer


avidnotionuser Points1430

The only alternative to sharing a master task database with your team currently is to create multiple "/link database" on separate pages, filtering each /link database view and then locking the database from editing filter and accidental edits. On each page that you made copies of the database using /linked database "inline" you can title it by the name of department or team. In the Sharing & Permission settings.. In the Teams or Enterprise Plan the admin can manage permissions by individual or group (like a department) where only the individual or group will see the specified database view (page), relevant to them or their team. In the database ensure there is a property field for Person to tag the person responsible for task (database row) or page in database. In addition the Advanced choose property type has last edited by...where you can reference the person who last edited (I believe it is automated by default the last person who saw/edited the page). I hope this helps there is no easy solution unfortunately at the moment.


avidnotionuser commented

Depending on how large the team is or if there are multiple departments for your organization you may want to put those pages in a database as well.
That is, once you create the different database views on various pages for example, Finance Department (page), Marketing Department (page), & HR Department (page) in each page has a filtered view of the master database using "/link database" but the three departments can live in a different database for ease of access.

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