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Features to add

Hello, what a great and amazing app, I have some lovely features and I would appreciate if you add it.

Features to add :

1- The ability to add a specific color to the note.

2- The ability to make a shortcut of a specific note to the homescreen , for a quicker reach & open in the homescreen.

3- The ability to Locke the notes with password or fingerprint.

4- The ability to add notes inside a created group folder , for example ( as same as in windows system there can be notes inside named folders , it is so easier for notes to be find and organize ) so put the notes inside the named folders.

5- add the feature ( info ) for notes to show the note's info.

6- add the ability to sync the notes on clouds with ( Google drive & Microsoft onedrive & Samsung cloud ).

7- Add the ability to choose a theme for the app.

8- add the ability for the app to be active and appear as a floating icon in the right edge of the screen and as soon as we tap on the floating icon of the app then we can make a new quicke title of the note and then write the note Just from the expanded floating icon.

9- add the ability to view the note's folders as in ( multi column or single column ).

10- add the ability to add the tables and expand it manually , so all what we have to do is pull the edge of the table and expand it to create more fields.

11- add the ability to pin the notes.

12- add the ability to align for Arabic language and all languages ( to correct from right or left writing languages ).

13- reorganize the tools of writing.

14- the ability to customize the tools ( add or remove ) the tools as wanted.

15- the ability to add the current date and time or an another specific date and time.

16- make 2 options for the app as soon as it opens ( basic user or advanced user ) then put the essential and basic tools for the option basic , and on the other hand all the tools for the advanced user.

17- add auto spell correction and auto capitalize .

18- add the ability to auto sync every ( 15min or 30min , 1h , 3h ).

19- the ability to choose multi notes at once to ( delete or share or shortcut to home screen ).

20- make the tools and actions bigger and clearer inside the page , for example ( the calendar & comments & actions , etc ).

Things to remove :

1- remove the ( updates section & search section ) and instead , add it to the top of the app with sittings and member and trash and help ).

2- remove unused features from the clients.

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polle Points79930

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