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Automate comments in notion?

The goal is to get a notification in inbox within notion whenever the status of a database item is changed (within a specific database only).
I couldn't find such a feature in and the notion pro automations only seem to be able to notify using slack.
Any suggestions?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

You can try something like this.

Create a new person property called review.
Create one automation with the following.

When the status changes to X status, add X person to the review column.

That will trigger the notification to let the user know there is a new status change.

Or create a text review column and the automation instead of adding a user, will create a text with @ to mention the user you need.

There are more options and you can also do it using Make, but in both cases it is not a feature, you have to create the automation as you need it.


oska commented

Thanks, I'll try that out, I really like the text property appraoch!


polle commented

Glad to help. Please consider selecting the answer to mark the question as solved.


oska commented

_Ok, so I tried that full of excitement, but...
1) when adding text to a text property with @-mention it doesn't actually mention the person
2) @-mention -ing the person in a property doesn't produce a notification anyways.
3) for some reason, adding someone to a person property doesn't produce a notification either.

For the record, commenting on a page with @-mention does produce a notification.
Update, as I was writing this comment the notifications for most if not all of the test I did were coming in. Turns out it just takes a few minutes sometimes. Might be a problem with notion right now.

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