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issues with weekly-to do list automations

Hi there! I’m getting started on Notion and wanted to set up a weekly to-do list. I’ve been playing around with the databases in board/gallery view and can’t figure out a few things, not sure how to implement the features listed below:

Ideal weekly to-do list features (board view with 7 columns- one for each day):

  1. Each task is a new card created under the column with a checkbox. If the box is checked, then it gets striked out or is hidden
  2. Each task created for that specific day will have a deadline set for that same date (automation)
  3. This is the main issue: if a task remains unchecked for today’s column, it will automatically move to the next day, and also reset that task’s deadline to the next day too (automation)
  4. Should be able to reorder the tasks under a column easily, or drag and drop to another day. Dragging to another day will also reset the deadline to that day
  5. Can’t figure out how to fix this: can I edit a card title directly without having it open up its own page?
  6. For a few days, have some recurring or stagnant tasks which don’t move or change (ex: every Sunday, I will do my laundry so that task will always stay on Sunday)
  7. Upon creation of card or while editing, be able to set a priority property for “urgent priority” “regular” etc and have it visible on the card

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