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Referencing and linking to database


just getting started using Notion.

I'm trying to set it up to run a music label.

I would like to have one database with an overview of the release schedule - every row will be one musical piece and all other fields in that row contain information for the piece (release date, publishers, composers, artists, co-composers etc etc, distribution services, different status for different tasks)

There is a lot of 3-dimensional data here: like artists will have much more data, or composers will have different data, but I would like to not enter them for each line of a musical piece but just link to that artist to get to that information, or even have some fields auto-filled based on the content of one cell (like lookup in spreadsheet applications).

Is there a way to get from one field (like the artist) to the information that goes with that artist?

Or do I have to just add columns for and have a lot of duplicate data in every row?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

The easy way is to do relations and rollups.

1- Relate all the databases.

That will let you for example pick an artist from that database and the same for the others.

2- Create Rollups.
The rollup let you see that other properties from the related property.

So you can relate an artist and then with rollups you can call any other properties you like to show automatically.

Hope this helps.


tanzpartner commented

Ah, relate and rollup was the keywords that I needed.

Thank you!!


polle commented

Glad to help!

That will do exactly what you need. :)

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