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Are visitors allowed to leave a comment?

I want to collect some information from a group of people, I wonder if visitors are allowed to leave a comment or they have to sign in for leaving a message?

2 Answers


polle Points79930

I have tried that, visitors who don’t sign in with their Notions accounts do not have the comment button.

Can you share an example of this working @sedbed? Maybe I am missing something.


sedbed commented

@polle You are right. When I tested, I forgot to log out of my 2nd Notion account. The text in the Sharing dialog box is misleading, where it says anyone. Thanks!!

Sorry about that, @nosy. My answer is NOT valid!


polle commented

I was hoping there was a trick!

Thank you!


nosy commented

Thank you for confirming.


sedbed Points2820

When you share content, you can enable Commenting so visitors can comment without logging. Link to a screenshot: Enable comments for all

More info here:

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