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Formula for autofilling a column with the last non-empty cell

I'm trying to create a retrospective timetable on Notion. I'm trying to have the "last reviewed" column filled automatically as I complete more reviews (right now the maximum is 7 times- "Review 7").


So far I've only managed to write a formula that will autofill based on Review 7 and Review 6.

if(empty(prop("Review 7")) and not empty(prop("Review 6")), prop("Review 7"), prop("Review 7"))

But as you can see some subjects will not have arrived at Review 6 or 7 yet (e.g. Subject 1 and 2 are at Review 3 and 2 respectively), and I have no idea how to incorporate that into my formula, which is why the "last reviewed" for those subjects are blank.

Is there a way to solve this, or another better way of approaching this? Thanks in advance.

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