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Quick Capture New Buttom

New to Notion and the group. Hoping to get a little help.

How was the quick capture made (4:39 in the video)? It looks like a template button that creates a new entry/row in an existing table. How do you do that? (I'm new to this... sorry)

YouTube Video Link

1 Answer


polle Points79040

It is a filtered database that shows empty and the new button.

1- Create a database with 2 properties.
a.Name & b.Assigned (yes & no options for example)

2- Create a Gallery view.

3- Create a filter: where column b.Assigned is empty.

That way this view will only show items where b.Assigned is empty. When you hit create new, write the Name, select something in b.Assigned and done.

Of course if you create a new item and leave b.Assigned empty, it will show up there.

Hope that helps.


byoung1791 commented

I appreciate the help! I understand now how they got the "new" button.
How did they link the Quick Capture area to the Task Dashboard area? Did they use a sync block or a linked table?!

Also, do you know how they were able to get rid of the table titles? They are using headers for the title, but their tables don't have the normal title.

Finally, their view options are in a linear line, not in a drop down box. Any idea how they accomplished that?

Video Screenshot

Sorry for the 20 questions, but I appreciate your help!


polle commented

It is a linked database of the Tasks database itself.

Please mark this question as solved selecting the answer. For the other ones, feel free to open as many new questions as you need, but each one separate so things makes sense by topic and title.

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