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I recently installed Notion and the first thing I did was to create a Readinglist for my university books that I borrowed. I created a date property in this list called "last time read Date" where I always set up the current date when I have read the book a bit. Then I created another Property called Read-Tracker. This Prop has 3 ´Status´-Options inside

  1. Good-Status in green color (means that I read the book for lasttime maximum 48 hours ago)
  2. Medium-status in yellow color (means that I read the book for lasttime maximum 72 hours ago)
  3. Bad-Status in red color (means that I read the book for lasttime for more then 72 hours ago)
    Now I actually wanted to create an automatic property assignment with Formula that set the Option in my Read-Tracker Property automatically in realtion to „last time read date“ property
    I tried it with DateBetween but somehow I don't quite understand the syntax. It really can't be that complicated, can it? Unfortunately, I didn't find a suitable tutorial on YouTube, so I hope that someone here can help me.

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