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fixed view for linked database views for shared pages

When i link a dbase view....the filters are NOT it shows the entire table instead of the filtered/sorted data. ...WHEN i am sharing the page that includes the database view...

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Each view has independent filters, so you have to create filters for each one of them.


rhollis1969 commented

Thanks..i have the views set fine in my browser..using linked view to new page..then sharing that page, the view to the guest is the entire table...NOT the filtered/sorted view.

how do i make the view i have be the view seen by the guest using a shared link?



polle commented

Just create the filters for the view and hit "Save for everyone".


rhollis1969 commented

Hmmm……getting inconsistent results ..when save for everyone it did NOT update the shared page….can i paste video on here to demo?


polle commented

Keep in mind that the users can apply their own filters.

1- You share with me a page with some filters.
2- I enter and apply some filters. (which I will only see as I am not admin)
3- You change default filters and apply to everyone.
4- I will not see them because I have my own filters.

Hope that helps.

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