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Although I have 40 views for one of my databases, I can only see (& therefore open) the first 25 Views on the list of Views when using the Notion iOS Mobile app installed on my Apple iPad.
That list is the one that appears in a pop-up window when I click on the down arrow next to the "Show All" Table view. The list scrolls UP or DOWN only 3 lines, thus limiting my View choices to a mere 25 out of 40. I can not scroll down further to see (or select) any of the bottom 15.
On the other hand, I'm able to scroll through all those View Names at, on the Notion app running on my MacBook Pro, and on the iOS Mobile app running on my iPhone -- all the way down to the option to add a new view.
This iPad software bug prevents me from using the Notion app on my iPad.

Here's my software version information:

Notion app version running on my iPad:
Notion version 1.7.177
Updated 06/29/24 (up to date)
iPadOS version 17.5.1 (up to date)

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